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*Special Edition Version* has a black and metallic ink drawing on the inside page!


"Sea to Sky" is a LARGE deluxe astrological art and coloring book 

It is filled with astrology themed line-art that is thick enough to be colored with many mediums, even markers and watercolor! 

Not a fan of coloring? The illustrations are detailed enough to be treated as an art book! Our Kickstarter campaign unlocked enough stretch goals for it to be a high-end coffee table art book all on it's own! :)

Physical Book details:

  • 100 pages - with 40 full line art illustrations and over 100 spot illustrations, includes all mermaid, floral, and constellation astrology pieces!
  • Singled sided - only text and spot illustrations on the back of each full illustration so you don't have to choose which piece to color and which to ruin!
  • 11.5" x 11.5" - plenty of room to color even the smallest details!
  • Thickest paper available* - to avoid bleed-through or warping with most mediums!
  • Perforated pages - so you can easily remove your masterpiece when you are done, or, remove the page to tape down for painting!
  • Gold foil cover detailing - to be fancy ;) 
  • Gold foil gilded edges - to be extra fancy ;O

*To be safe, use a piece of paper in between pages if you plan to go heavy with marker or paint! Taping pages down decreases warping with watercolor*