Oops! Mystery Bag - Lyfe Illustration

Oops! Mystery Bag

A mystery bag of slightly off prints, retired prints, and at least one sticker, new print, or other regular item from my shop. All are completely random and have at least 4 items. 

- Always includes 3 prints
  • Small: 4"x6" - 5"x7"
  • Medium: 8.5"x11"
  • Large: 11"x14" - 11"x17"

- Most are "oops" prints, aka slightly misprinted, double side printed, or have very small imperfections. None are bad by any means, they just aren't "perfect". 
- May include a retired print
- May include a perfectly fine new print
- May include stickers or a rare pin
- May include rare original sketches

Collections: All Products, Value Packs

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