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My Patreon

- Hello! -
Oh hi!! Welcome to my Patreon Page! My name is Lydia Fenwick but most of you probably know me by my internet name....Lyfe Illustration! I am a Southern California-native freelance artist and mother of tree dragons (Panther Chameleons). I love drawing and painting whimsical women and animals, as well as teaching other artists how to make a living doing what they LOVE!
So what exactly is this?

I finally took the plunge and made this Patreon to provide extra content and, eventually, education to those who want to see more than my simple social media posts. I also love collecting rare things, so some tiers will provide exclusive physical rewards not available on my normal shop! This extra funding will help me create more YouTube videos as well as bigger and better projects! Most importantly, this will allow me to personally connect with my biggest supporters, who I will be referring to as my "Lyfe Lines."

If you like what I do and want to support my work, simply choose a monthly tier that has perks you are interested in! Keep in mind this is a brand new account with TONS of room to grow. All my initial patrons will shape the tiers even further as we go along.
And don't worry! You can change or cancel your pledge at any time. Lyfe happens (ba-dum-chhhh) and I am beyond grateful for any tier you can afford and any amount of time you are able to spend here :)
With ALL my heart, THANK YOU!
No matter what level of support you are able to give, whether it be here, in my shop, or by watching my videos, I can't begin to explain how much each one of you mean to me. You are the reason I have my dream career and I hope to give back in bigger and better ways each year! Big hugs to you all!