Vulpecula Constellation - Lyfe Illustration

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Vulpecula Constellation

High quality prints from my 2018 “Galaxy Girls” Constellation watercolor and ink collection.


Print Types:


Satin: Also known as Semi-Gloss or Luster paper, it has a slight shine that enhances the colors of the piece without being overly reflective. Acid free.

Pearl: A thick, linen textured paper with a pretty pearlescent sheen when hit by light. Almost looks like a mermaid made it.

Cotton: Made from 100% matte cotton (no trees involved!), Acid free, heavy paper. It has a slight texture mimicking the watercolor paper I use for the original works.

Holographic: A glossy paper with rainbow holographic that shines different colors in the light. Who doesn’t love some holo? See some examples here

 Gold/Silver Foil: Printed on Satin paper with the addition of highly reflective gold or silver foil embellishments. Let’s be real, everything is a bit better with a bit of shiny.

 Limited Edition: These prints are signed by the artist (me!) and numbered. Only 50 will be printed on the 11”x14” Cotton paper, and only 25 on the Satin paper with a special finish (Gold/Silver Foil or Holographic).

 *Only prints marked “Limited Edition” will be signed *


PLEASE NOTE: This pre-order will be shipped out when products are available, projected to be between late April-May 2019. All non-preorder items purchased with preorder items will be sent at the same time. If you wish to receive your non-preorder items ASAP, please place a separate order with only those items. Thank you!

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