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Sticker sheet made for my Patreon Lyfe Pack tiers!

Each sticker sheet is/has:

✧ 5" x 7" sheet with 7 kiss cut stickers
✧ Soft touch matte material
Dishwasher safe
UV Lamination for outdoor use

Some Important Notes:

- We don’t tolerate low-quality art reproduction in this house! So have no fear, the product images you see are low-resolution and/or digital mock ups of the final product. Actual product artwork is detailed and will be printed at the highest resolution!
Keeping website image sizes low helps prevent art theft and keeps my shop running smoothly.

- Colors may also appear slightly different when printed than they do on your backlit screen.

- If you are going to use your sticker on your phone, I recommend putting them under a clear case. Besides that, these stickers are super tough, my first one has been on a car in the California sun for 4 years and still looks great!